Monday, February 13, 2012

God's Heart.

I'm taking a class right now focused on race and ethnic relations.  Essentially, I read, research, dialogue, and write about multiculturalism, poverty, and racial issues, and also racial and ethnic tensions, progress, and possibilities for the future- with a very diverse group of classmates.  Well, we're all white South Dakotans.  Our opinions and worldviews- those are diverse.

I have to discuss these things intelligently, but separate myself from directly referencing God's heart for justice.  Obviously, the Bible is very practical and straightforward about these things, and I can apply that to the discussion, but the viewpoint of this class is secular of course.

Honestly, it can be very hopeless, and draining, if I'm not intentional about reinforcing my heart and mind with truth- it's easy to get mired in the general milieu of the group.  I needed to inoculate myself actively.

Last week I started an on-going project.  I'm filling a book with every reference I can find directly dealing with God's heart for the poor, the orphan, the widow, the alien- his heart to defend and work peace and justice.

  Sometimes I write a passage out in a couple of different versions, sometimes it's just a reference to a place in the Bible where God or man works justly, whether it's directly referenced or not.  Obviously, I can't be comprehensive- there's just too much to get it all.  But I did buy a big book.

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Megan O. said...

Still loving your blog, Megan. Thought this was so great--love your intentionality. It reminds of something Beth Moore says (I can't remember her exact words) about how if we're not intentionally setting ourselves apart from the sway of our culture, then we're being pulled right along with it.