Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting the new year with a fantastic meal.

Though these twelve months are not guaranteed to me, and should I brave them they will indeed be filled with unknowns, this morning my heart is ready to embrace them undaunted.

Little things and big, I'm looking forward to 2012.

Happy New Year.


Deane said...

I remember Beef Bourguignon from the movie "Julie and Julia" -- it was supposedly the dish that got her book published.

My wife and I were in Minneapolis a few months ago, staying at the Sofitel, which is a French hotel chain. They had an authentic French restaurant in the lobby -- "Cozette," I think...maybe "Colette."

Anyway, they had Beef Bourguignon on the menu, which I remember from the movie, so I tried it. It was quite good. The next night, I had Coq Au Vin which is essentially the same thing, but with chicken.

Megan said...

Yes, it is an epic recipe- in a way, simplicity for highest sophistication. It was delicious! A great way to start the year!