Friday, November 4, 2011

No Thanks.

A few weeks ago a couple of our kids were given Operation Christmas Child boxes at church.  On our way out, the other two were offered boxes too- and I politely declined, I think I said something about having other commitments for extra giving this holiday season (true). 

But I also have reservations about the program- caveat for the instant-reactors- it's not all bad.  But I feel like there are too many aspects to this giving concept that this family wants to take a thoughtful step back from- and I think churches and businesses sign up for this all-too-quickly because it fills our desire to give a small offering to the guilt-gods around this time of year.  It's a non-sacrifice for most families who participate- giving them a momentary feeling of satisfaction because they gave to those sweet children in the pictures.... While turning around to give extravagantly to their own family.

I just don't want to do this one.  Which people don't always understand. Declining something like this can be communicated as selfishness- as if I don't want to give to others, or don't support the spreading of the Gospel in this way (which, well, maybe I don't...I don't know).  Anyway- we don't do it.  It's complicated.

And this Sojourner's article encapsulates many of my reservations about it.

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mspsae said...

hmmm and after reading the Sojourner's article...could the discrepancy between the two have anything to do with the fact that Graham's organization and Wallis' organization are not exactly on the same page as far as religious convictions?