Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hobo Day 2011, or, as Grace Says, "SDSU: Home of the Mad Rabbits"

Cloudy, windy, and cold but not that bad for November- check.

Randomly running in to random people- check.

Listing off memories as we passed by buildings etc.- check.

Java City- check.

Feeling a little old- check.

Free lunch from ASAE (which included SDSU Cookies and Cream ice cream)- check.

Making sure our kids remembered who invented Cookies and Cream ice cream- check.

Tons of nostalgia and Jacks pride- check.

Enjoying walking around campus so much I forgot to take pictures of actual SDSU landmarks that would have made this post better- check.

Grace practicing with the camera with me- check.

Methodically indoctrinating our four children with Jacks pride- check check.

Dairy Bar (for extra ice cream).... 

Closed on weekends.  Even on Hobo Day.

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Eva said...

wow. blast from the past!