Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls' Trip 2011

The girls and I took a trip to MSP last weekend.  We did the same thing last year, except Daddy came along.  This year we made it just us.  Jim and Hudson stayed home and did guy stuff.

It was 100% lovely.  Just relaxed time together, a great drive, with the girls reading books to themselves or out loud to one another most of the time, and just talking for the rest. Grace navigated the GPS and we made sure to take our time everywhere we went, because that was the point.  We ate girl food, took the Impala, not the Voyager, I drank a lot of coffee and didn't lug the Canon with me, we swam at the hotel pool, and we had plenty of time to try out every single thing at Ikea.  Of course we wrapped up with a stop at American Girl, with long-saved money in Velcro wallets ready to spend on things that have been debated, long-considered, and long-awaited for from worn out catalogs.  We spent two hours in the store with Jane, our very sweet and accommodating personal shopper, and left thrilled.

It was not one of those vacations that leave me feeling a need for a vacation from my vacation before I get back to real life.  It was actually really relaxing.

It's a nice little tradition- just a little time to get away before school starts. 

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