Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well Read.

I caught a rare episode of Oprah last week- all about building awareness in what we eat, and where it comes from- something I think is interesting and important*.  And it followed the Oprah Staff's week long Vegan Challenge.

*Caveat-  We Kochs strive to be aware, informed, responsible eaters/consumers, but, we are not Vegans, Vegetarians,  Pescatarians, or even Flexitarians.  Not that there's anything "wrong" with those lifestyles.  Just thought I'd mention that here- there's no hidden agenda in my posting this.  It's just important to know exactly what you're eating, and how it got to your plate.

One highlight was Lisa Ling's tour of a Cargill plant.  Straight up, it shows you exactly what happens from the farm to the supermarket.  It's unprecedented footage, really.  It's graphic, but I'd highly recommend watching it. 

My children were pretty enlightened. 

Anyway- while we watched, I saw several points in the slaughterhouse journey that were unmistakably the work of Temple Grandin- and I know this because of this book from my 2010 book list.

Later in the episode, they made a direct reference to Grandin's work in the design of that very plant.

I felt informed, a little smart maybe.

It pays to be well read.

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Phill Tague said...

I agree! I am an avid reader, although it wouldn't hurt me to spread myself out topically a little bit. Plus I need to give myself permission to read fiction and not feel like it is a waste.