Friday, January 14, 2011

My Cup Overflows

I sat down this morning to process my thoughts on Zambia some more, and threw down some rough draft plans for the rest of the Africa blog posts (the ones directly related to this trip, anyway).  I have about 10+ more posts to write over the next couple of weeks- thanks for reading.  Words and photographs are the best way I know how to process anything, and so blogging it all out has been wonderful for me as I've returned home to the land of shiny Targets, Starbucks, hand soap, and private, closed-off people.

So- More Africa to come next week.  In the meantime..................................

Since I was gone for a couple of weeks, and the kids were away, the girls missed out on a couple of nights of Awana.  And I didn't remember to have them work on it since I've been back.  And then it was Wednesday. 

They wanted to get caught up with their friends, so they learned the whole passage in one sitting, on their own.  Lest I think the crammed verses wouldn't stick, they both repeated it several times.

Stop.  Stop it girls. I can't handle this kind of cuteness.


and Patience

I absolutely love that sticker on Grace's hand from her orange at lunch, and all the Play Doh stuck to Patie's sleeve.  I love you ladies.  My cup overflows.

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