Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wii Were Wrong

Since the beginning of Wii, I thought all that warm propaganda about a video game could not possibly be true.  No way can a virtual game be as fun as a real one around a table.  And no way is virtual tennis that fun.  No way an electronic device could foster family unity.

But, we were wrong.  Slowly, I came around.  And this year, our family is at a point where everyone can enjoy a Wii.  So, to simplify things, that's what they got for Christmas.  And since I'm leaving the 26th and the kids will be back and forth with Grandma after that, we opened it early.  So we could all have some fun and enjoy it together before then.

Last Saturday we surprised the kids with it after breakfast, and for reals, it's been awesome.

Much to my distaste, we got the RED one (black is so much more discreet- though it's hidden behind a book against a bookshelf anyway). Jim was really excited to have Super Mario Bros, without buying it separately.  We haven't played it much, but it's a HUGE nostalgia-inducer for both of us, and someday the kids might enjoy it.  I thought it was awesome when I was a kid- now, I think it's pretty boring- but it's fun to play with Jim like we're 10 year olds.

We invested in three extra remotes (All four kids can happily bowl at the same time) and several other pieces of Wii gear too....and some extra games. 

Like Just Dance Kids.  Which is super fun- and if you put your heart into doing it right, it's a great bit of cardio...  It's hilarious to do together.  And the dance moves? Very, very Bieber Fever.  It's a good time.

And we also bought Disney Sing It.  Absolutely fun to do together.  And, if you work at it, it really does improve your voice skills...
And (I waited a bit for this one but couldn't stop thinking about it...getting gift cards put me over the top...)

Ahhh! I. LOVE. IT.

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Becky Thompson said...

Adorable blog title.....:) We have felt the same way about the Wii too but I think we are also caving in and getting one this year as well. Good to know what games you & your kids liked :) We are also excited to access to Netflix through the wii. Merry Christmas!