Friday, December 3, 2010


Patience you are velvet
and strong.
You are selfless and

You are a head of curls, a
Little nose
And a sweet expression.

You can't wait to be a Mom. You
Talk and imagine about it
All the time.

You put others before
Yourself so easily,
But you hold a quiet, firm confidence
And carry yourself tall.

You have reached the age of
Self Awareness and
Now try very hard to control how
You look in photographs, like
Grace does. 
So Cheesy Little Kid smiles are nearly
Gone and you've reached the age of the
Awkward Smile or
The Serious Face in an attempt to
Look older and in control of
How you look. Which breaks my
Heart a little but, you have to
Grow up.

You read voraciously. Everything
You can get your hands on.
Afternoons are you wrapped
In your pink blanket like
A cape,
On your belly, propped on elbows,
Feet in the air and a
Cat by your side.
Chapter by chapter you're
All caught up in it.

And every day you give
Me a reason to stop and
Stare at you.

We love you Patience.
Happy Birthday Pinky Pie.


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