Friday, November 12, 2010

Not Wasted.

"...How will we respond to the call, to those whose spirits are crushed by poverty, trauma, and abuse; whose intellect and imagination could lift whole families and villages out of poverty but for the lack of an education; whose bodies are wounded or killed by hunger, disease, and violence?  Prophets throughout Scripture challenge us to raise these questions and to address them with all the resources we have- with our money and our goods, certainly, but also with our intellects, our voices, and our power...How many of us are missing the wave of God's justice?"
                                                                                      - Sarah Dylan Breuer
Our God is a God of justice, beauty, restoration, wholeness.  I want to live and walk with God, with Jim, with our children, making daily choices to see the Kingdom come on Earth- to boldly make choices quite small and sometimes impossibly large to work toward these very things, in strength that never comes from us.  I want to live with clarity and intention, to accept the call to daily live with purpose in the very place we are right now, for such a time as this.  And when I fail in that task, I want to live fully in the grace that allows me to pick up and keep walking, setting me back on course. 

I want my children to see us living awake and alive first, and for them to catch a passion to never, ever throw a day away.

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mspsae said...

and all of the good deeds unaccompanied by the Gospel of Jesus Christ is just a bunch of good deeds...