Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like PHC for Christian Hipsters

We had a great trip away- even getting away into a Winter Storm, and sloshing around all weekend was worth it.  Actually, though the weather added it's own inconvenient flavor, it was also beautiful-  lots of white snow falling, Christmas music everywhere, cozy coffee shops, and Christmas shopping- it wasn't bad.  I taught, we napped, we ate out, saw a movie, broke out the kids' Wii we'd just bought them (don't tell them.  The blog is still kid-safe territory.  I don't think they read it...), played it in our room until 2 AM, and put it back in the box for Christmas, we slept in, I made some big important business decisions, we did some nothing, Jim watched the Vikings play a terrible game, not to anyone's surprise, while I snagged amazing deals at Anthropologie and Pottery Barn.

It was good.

We also of course caught this.  Actually, as I sat there, I realized it was a lot like A Prairie Home Companion for Christian intellectuals and hipsters.  Lots of Toms, lots of Thirtysomethings.  Music, words.
Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken and Robbie Seay & Co delivered as always, and Don Miller read some poetry and shared some great stories. 

It lasted 3 hours, and honestly, it flew by.  I'm so glad we made it.

And now we're home.

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