Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not Perfect...But Perfectly Us

I've spent every weekend this Fall photographing adorable, sweet families all decked out in adorable clothes, at great locations and at the perfect times of day- all to document the season, and to gear up for THE CHRISTMAS PICTURE that's on the minds of so many American families this time of year- or, on December 15, however you roll.  You'll get it done.  No worries. 

One would assume that I would do this for myself "all the time".  Not so much.  I don't like to force it. 
This year, our Christmas picture might look a little closer to this- less than perfect, but perfectly us.  Just a product of a long, early morning nature walk. 
Because that's how we roll.


Becky Thompson said...

It's a PERFECT Christmas picture Megan!!! Love it!

theKband said...

What a fantastic shot! I love this picture!