Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Let me just start by saying, you're not allowed to knock it.  I'm sure whatever required quota of disheartening commentary any loser who buys this dvd is supposed to receive has already been met thanks to my loving husband.


I have wanted one of these DVDs since last year- and a friend actually sent me one- but it broke in transit- nothing but love USPS, I know you've got a lot on your mind.  And so I immediately Amazon wish listed another one.  And got it this fall.

I love it.

It reminds me a bit of something the Jetsons or the McFly Family would have had in lieu of a real fire, and that makes me smile- but seriously I love it.  Especially when I'm reading.  There's lots of settings to choose from, and I love the crackling sound.  Seriously, combine it with this candle, and you're set for many a cold winter's night. No clean up.  No worries.

Oh, and remember-  No knocking.  If you don't understand, it's OK.

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