Saturday, September 4, 2010

LifeLight 2010

I was incredibly excited to see John Mark McMillan and his band in person- he played in the afternoon, a lot of older people were busy planting their lawn chairs and getting good seats for later, and had no idea who he was- but he had a faithful small following near the stage. 

So, I saw JMM, check.

They played a much cooler show later that night, but I couldn't stay for it.  I saw a bit.  It was awesome.

The Ransom Praise Team played at LifeLight too- They were awesome, and it was fun in general.  We have got the greatest friends- and we're so thankful to be a part of something like the Ransom along with them!

Look how excited Grace was.  Wow.  Her blood sugar was low.

And finally- FINALLY- I saw David Crowder Band live!!! 

I have waited 11 years for this.  Always checking, every year- and this is the first time they have ever come to South Dakota- ever.  Seriously??  It's not that I wasn't devoted enough to travel to another city, but, it never worked out.

Honestly, this was a huge deal to me.  It was really significant.  And hallelujah, we had perfect seats, and my kids caught their second wind and rocked out with me until 11 PM. It was really, really fun. 

Just Awesome.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Your day sounded like it was GREAT! So happy for you guys. I bet you made some fantastic memories.

I'm looking forward to living in San Antonio where there will be CONCERTS! The last one we went to was David Crowder in Boston. It was awesome although we sat in the balcony in a very old theater and I swear... with all the people jumping, the floor was bouncing up and down. VERY disconcerting!

April said...

I was thinking of you guys and how late you made it until. Glad you had a good time (we did too:)

anne said...