Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's "Pictures From My Kitchen Week" on the Blog....I Guess.

While I took pictures of that cider I was right about, and my new French Press, and some other things I'll probably never blog, all in my kitchen, I shot this too.

This little dock for our iPods changed my life.  Really.  It sounds dramatic, but, it's true.

Our computer speakers are great, but the office is in another room.  Having this in the center of the house is incredible.

Jim got it for me for my birthday this year.  He got it, after all my completely un-subtle hints as to my desire to own one.

It is amazing.  Great sound for such a cute, unassuming little thing the size of your hand.  Perfect for the kitchen- and did I mention the sound is great? 

It's relatively pricey, but if you listen to music all. the. time. like we do, it really is a worthy investment.

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anne said...

yeah the one I got {that was fairly inexpensive} NOT so great. It works well to listen to NPR in the mornings though.