Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Uncovered Fruit.

The other night at dinner, the girls were telling Daddy about their day.  We went to the Pavilion, and to the candy store for a piece of sugar.  Jim made a sarcastic joke to Lily, saying when he and I were on a date the weekend before, we'd gone there (that was, in fact, true), but "Mommy said I couldn't have any candy."

Lily was astonished.  "Mommy, why would you say that?!"

I defended, "I didn't say that.  Daddy was joking."

Patie quickly said, "Well I knew Daddy was joking.  Grown ups don't lie."

It was simple, but it choked me up a bit.

We're not perfect.  We're very, very imperfect people who make imperfect parents.  But we work.  Oh we work.  To be straightforward, consistent, loving, and truthful.

And to Patie, it's just logical.  Grown ups don't lie.

It broke me up, because it's not true.  And I ache thinking of the first time this bites her.

And it broke me up to see at least in her world, from her place watching every move we make, she knows "grown ups don't lie".

Just a little fruit of our work got uncovered.

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Miranda said...

Maybe because I'm pregnant, but that post has totally made me teary. I hope I can be that kind of parent. You rule.