Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Session One...

Well, I thought it went well.  No one fainted from boredom, or threw a lens cap at me, or told me to stop talking so much.

So, I thought it went well.

Well, actually, I had a lot of fun.  I can talk shots all day, no problem.  We got to try out some things, answered questions, and got to know our cameras a whole lot better.  Since the class ended, I've gotten great comments and questions and love every minute of it. 

The first class is all about getting introduced to the technical side.  It's like a fire hose of information.  But after the initial blow, everyone can go home and work on it step by step.  It's in the trial and error where the real magic happens.

Next week, it's all about creativity.  But- your creativity isn't really free to live up to it's potential until your feet are firmly planted in the technical fundamentals.  So that's of course where you need to start.  If you're wondering how to learn more about your DSLR feel free to ask me. 

Here we are trying out Aperture Priority.

We moved the Aperture up and down, to watch the rear flowers come in and out of focus.  Man those bottles are smudged.

I've never mentored in a group larger than 2 before.  I was a little terrified.  But it turned out to be just as fun, they seemed interested and forgiving of my dorkiness, and the time flew by.  Now I can't wait for next week.


Natalie said...

You're a great teacher - so I'm sure it went well! Congrats!

Keri said...

So glad it's going well! Can't wait to hear more next week :)

Kimberly said...

I saw yesterday and started to comment and got distracted by one of the kids. This is great!! So excited for you. This has to be so fun:)

Unknown said...

Ok, I got my Canon Rebel XSi in January and I'm STILL pretty clueless to how to really use it! I've got the basic point and shoot, but that's about it!:) I don't really know how to change the focus myself, or use manual settings...or know which ISO setting is best...or anything! :(