Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's OK.

This is my go to Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  And it's very flexible, if you like to get creative.

So here's the deal:

Using the above recipe, I created 100% Whole Grain Quad-Chocolate Chewy Cookies.  You've got 1. Cocoa  2.Three kinds of chocolate chunks.  That makes 4 kinds of chocolate. 

Stay with me.

1.  I typically only use Whole Grain flour in my cookies.  It is healthier, and it makes them much much more filling.  After 2 cookies, max, you're full.  I just make a straight substitution with no special extras.

2.  I replaced 1/2 C of the flour with cocoa powder.

3.  I replaced chocolate chips with 2 C of chopped chocolate.  Green & Blacks, Dark, of course.  Espresso, Mint, and 70%.

It's OK to moan a little.

Tips from the Test Kitchen that I always use for baking cookies of all kinds:

Don't just soften the butter.  Melt it completely.  This scientifically changes the groove of the sugar and butter when they collide and creates chewy cookies.  Obviously, if you want crispy cookies, don't do it.
Use a cookie scoop of course.
Bake them on parchment.
Halfway through baking, completely rotate and change around the sheets.
Take them out just when lightly browned (or in dark cookie cases, getting firm on the edges). Then leave them on the sheet 10 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack.  This gets them to bake the rest of the way on the hot sheet, but they remain chewy (but not raw).

So see?  Simple.  And like bam pow, with a little lovin', standard cookies become a whole new thing.


Danielle said...

Oh yum! Chocolate and mint are my ultimate weakness!

Kimberly said...


Unknown said...

I think I just died and went to heaven...

these can't be good for my diet.

Maybe they can be a celebration present to myself in the end:) Wait, that doesn't make sense...does it? :)