Tuesday, June 1, 2010

House of Lies.

That sounded dramatic, didn't it??


Here's the skinny.

The season finale of House

Was filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II.

When I heard about it, a while back, I thought, "Oh, that's cool." And that's all. Because it was.

But then, this past week, a few things popped up that irked me. People were commenting like, "Wow, did you see it? It looked so amazing! Now I'm wondering if I should step up to the Mk II." ,and, "That's an amazing camera! It looked so professional!" And so on.

It is amazing. If you gave me one, I wouldn't smack you in the face with it. I'd say thank you and I'd keep it. Of course.

But the season finale of House was filmed on a Mark II. By extremely high-end professionals, aided by extremely professional make up artists, and extremely talented _______s. Fill in the blank with one of the hundreds of vital roles people play to create an excellent television series. Everyone involved with it is a super-professional. Not the least of which, we need to emphasize the professionals in control of lighting the scenes.

This was not Grandma, in the backyard, shooting a movie of the grandkids playing dodge ball.

Canon would like you to see the finale, want a Mark II and then go buy one. That's good marketing.

Here's some good thinking: Any piece of equipment is only as good as the person (in this case, persons, ahem, extremely talented persons) operating it.

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