Monday, May 31, 2010


Every once in a while I try to grab my camera and shoot life just as it is. Especially our kids.

So today we were all outside enjoying the weather, playing ball, picking up bugs, etc.

I decided to snag some snapshots of each of the kids to just sort of remember just what they looked like on an ordinary day, like it was.

So these are Grace's shots. More to come all week for my memory archiving enjoyment.


She is getting older. She works really, really hard on perfecting a mature, beautiful, "picture look".

Sometimes it's a hit. Sometimes it's a miss. But I do admire her perseverance.

Whoa dog...

What do you think Grace? About time to be done??

Love you lady.


Kiki said...

She has beautiful hair! I think this is how Sage's hair would be if we would let him grow it that long, which he wouldn't, even if we would let him! I'm so hoping our little girl gets this hair!

She is such a pretty girl. I love all the photos!

Anonymous said...

so sweet. She is so cute. Don't tell anyone but Grace is our number 1 name for a girl if we have one :)

Thanks for sharing your family with the world :)