Monday, May 17, 2010

Jack Johnson for Ray Charles

Our friends Lissa and Jesse throw out of this world backyard movie nights.

They hosted one Saturday night. Basically, it was the sizzle.

Just a bunch of people getting together, eating some snacks, chilling out, and enjoying the general old school backyard ambiance.

Honestly, all night long I was drunk on the ambiance. Picture that sequence in The Sandlot when the boys are running through their neighborhood under the Fourth of July sky. The neighborhood. The nostalgia.

These movie nights are like that. But they traded Jack Johnson for Ray Charles... And frisbee for baseball.

It's also exactly like this movie-themed party featured in Martha Stewart's magazine forever ago that was lodged in my brain somewhere far back. But, this was for real.

Concessions were a steal.

Everyone hung out for a while, talking, playing, having fun.

The homemade screen worked really, really well. If you want tips from Lissa on setting this thang up, click on her link up there and drop her a line.

This is Lissa...

Invites are simple. Just invite every facebook friend you have and let them RSVP for an idea of who's going to make it.
They used our church's equipment. Simple. Worked SO well- the sound was amazing, even outdoors. See? You can do this.

And when the sun got low, it was show time.
This was so much fun. And, we have good word there's more to come this summer.
Thanks Murawskis! You really know how to throw down an awesome cinematic fiesta.


Colleen said...

oh, man... this makes me miss my neighbors so much. I suppose I have neighbors now, but they're not very neighborly. My real neighbors and friends live 3000 miles away and I miss them tons!

Love the pictures. It felt like I was there. :)

Megan O. said...

I think this is just the coolest idea ever! Looks like so much fun!

anne said...

SO fun...but I'm dying to know...what was the MOVIE?!

Megan said...

this time it was cloudy with a chance of meatballs. next month it's adults only, and it's looking like it will be top gun. last summer they only did one party, and it was ratatouille.

Danielle said...