Sunday, May 16, 2010

Double Down

As I write this, this slide show of Jim devouring a S'more has been viewed 1,199 times. Sorry, honey.

In good spirit, as we displayed in this post, Jim and I don't mind paying good money to mock fast food chains.

Well, ever since we listened to this, the photo you see below has been in my mind.

That's right. He did it. THE DOUBLE DOWN.

I held back a laugh when I actually heard him order it. It was expensive. He got the Down, and a small drink. The total was like $7.
Then I shot the entire event. But I'll just keep it to one image this time, OK Jim? Love you.
Oh, and the scoop on the DD?
Jim said it was greasy. And the sauce was gross. But, he'd eat it again.
Well, probably not. But, he would.

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Jenn Boerger said...

That is so funny! Jake had been drooling over this "sandwich" ever since he first heard about it. He has yet to try it, but I'm sure when he does it will be a memorable moment!