Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It Was Like I Was Pioneer Woman. But Not.

On our way to somewhere I've never been, we ran across these horses, near the fence, watching the world go by. How rural and exciting! (Yes I've seen lots of horses before...just not lately.)

I've never shot a horse before, and let me tell you, it's tricky. You usually want to shoot right between the eyes...but that's their forehead. And their eyes are on the sides, far apart. And they're real tall. And it was super sunny and hazy at the same time. And I couldn't get very far away, or I'd be standing in the road...

But they humored me, watched me, and gladly sniffed me when I offered my hand.

When our short encounter was done, I thanked them, and we were off.

On our way back, they were gone.

And that's my horse story.
It was like I was Pioneer Woman. But not.

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Mandy said...

Great pics! My daughter would go crazy over them!