Monday, March 1, 2010

Date Night.

OK. Here's how it shook down. Last Saturday, Jim's parents were here for the day to go rollerskating with the kids. That night, they offered to take the kids to the Arches and keep them for the night so we could go on a date. We'd both been out all day, and were pretty tired, and frankly, I was just feeling all, gross. You know. Long day. We didn't really feel like changing our clothes, but we did want to go out (of course). We threw around the typical date night fare of movies, or finding a restaurant downtown. But again, we didn't feel like doing anything "nice". And there weren't any new movies to see. And there wasn't really anything happening in the big city that night. And it's winter, so you have to stay inside.

What in the world were two hot people like us supposed to do for a date?

We decided to just get in the car and start driving and see what happened. Right. Good plan.

Then we got inspired. We didn't want to do anything nice. But we didn't want to do something half-fun or half-good. So we thought, why not go really, really, really low-brow. Like, how about drive around, find all kinds of places you've never been to and would never eat at, and get a little sampler of our good city's grosser options?

YES. This was a fantastic idea. What follows is a buffet, if you will, of our out-of-this-world evening of excellence.

First stop: Long John Silver's.

We've never been there. Ahem. So, we ordered the biggest, hugest sampler platter possible to get an honest shake at the fine food. It cost us about $8.

Jim was basically psyched out of his mind.

There it is.

After a small fight about which piece was the chicken and which was the fish, we...ate it. I'm not even going to worry about offending any LJS lovers here. It was disgusting. But the place was PACKED. Totally hoppin'.

We then headed to the quaint and lovely Senor Wiener.

Feeling bad about walking in and splitting one hot dog, we both ordered. I was disgusted and struck by the hilarious ambiance. They try to be quirky and funny, but really, it's the wrong kind of quirky and funny. It's just someplace you need to go...once. For the experience.

Anyway, our gourmet wieners dogs, which, are hot dogs, if you catch my drift. I got about halfway through mine...Jim totally ate the whole wiener.

And there was this other dude there, totally raving to everyone about the hot dogs. He was in love with this place. So, 2 for 2, we're there basically to make fun of it, and there's die hards all around loving the goods.

After this, we tried to go to a Pawn Shop next door, but it had just closed. Agh!

Next stop...

Where we tried on lots of...

And then I seriously considered buying...

Ready for desert, we kicked it over to Taco John's for


We then finished our evening with a trip to none other than Wal-Mart, where we looked at lots of movies, leaving with Top Gun, Conspiracy Theory and Steel Magnolias in our hands. Let's hear it for $5 movies that are awesome. And let me just tell you, it is an experience to finally own classics like Top Gun in wide screen on DVD- ooooh, the high thrill of knowing you're seeing things you never saw on your small screens the last 53 times you saw it.

And I want to mention, I fondly saw...

I just want you to know, to set the record straight, that I was doing the African Anteater Ritual and crushin' on Patrick Dempsey long before the McDreamy days. M'kay?
It was a slammin' night. There's nothing like running around town being an idiot with your best friend. It reminded me a lot of all those nights of good old fashioned innocent fun in high school and college, piling in the car, driving around, laughing, talking, taking crazy pictures, and by the end of the night, somebody was making out.
Love you J-Dog.


Danielle said...

You guys are the bomb!

anne said...


And Danielle, I believe it is "da bomb!" :)

{so glad too see you two have connected :) }

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

That sounds like a great evening of silly fun ;)

anne said...


So I was in my car this afternoon and I was like...there was so much I wanted to say in my comment and I totally forgot because I was so focused on my LAME joke to Danielle.

1. LJS...ew. Never been, never will go. Mostly because I don't do sea stuff but also because it just looks kinda nast...and now you have officially confirmed that! :0

2. the pic of you with the glasses and the pic of J-dog with the churro...ROCK.

3. That hot dog place looks ridiculous.

4. We both have j-dogs! :) yay.

ok...I think that's all...for now.

Annika said...

looks like a great time!!

Colleen said...

Best date night idea ever!

About Brandon said...

I love the pics of Jim! And I'm trying to picture such a chill guy like him being in your words, "...basically psyched out of his mind." Ha!


Rachel said...

I love it! This gives me inspiration for our next date night:)