Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Children, Behold Your Mother.

People are always saying there's no pictures of me on this blog thing.

And there aren't really. Because I'm always the one taking them. And it's my blog. And it seems weird to intentionally have someone take pictures of me. Because it's weird. Right? It's weird. And I'd rather be showing off pictures of all of you.

So this pictures of me thing doesn't happen often.

Also, your father is not one to pick up the camera and shoot me, or anything, though he has acquired some know-how from me, and in general, is capable and then some. But, it doesn't happen. Like ever. And it's not like I'm begging him to. So, it doesn't get done.

But I know it's important for you to know what your mom looked like, at whatever age you were. So I'll try a little harder. Your dad will too.

He took some silly pictures of me while we were in Chicago. There you go.

Children, behold your mother.

See? I can look this way and that way.

And I can smile nicely. Look at those lines all over my face. They don't usually go away when I'm done smiling. I hold all of you, and time responsible. Regardless of the creases, please don't stop making me smile.

And sometimes, I just don't look right at all. I expect your obedience anyway.

And that's your mom in 2010. It may take a year to see me on this thing again.


anne said...

what the???

Man, you always re-affrim why I love you so are a ROCK Star.
I mean look that that lower right picture...there is no mistaking that. have on killer earrings and your hair looks good.

I dig...and I want more.
{am I wierd for saying that?! :) }


Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Love all of them, but the very last one is wicked awesome!