Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Hurts to be Pretty

Ah. That ancient rite of passage, ear piercing. When it's done right it's quick, though mentally gross, but once it's done, it's oh, so rewarding. Once you're pierced, your options for cute earrings are endless, yet it's something so irky to think about for some, that even Oprah herself waited until post-midlife to be forced into it.

Our girls have asked about it often, and I always told them any time they felt like they really wanted to do it, we'd go.

Friday morning, Patie declared, out of nowhere, that she was READY. (Grace was quick to point out that Patie only wanted to do it because so many of her friends have pierced ears. Patie, loudly miffed, "No, that's NOT why. I just want to do it." She then listed her friends with pierced ears, and what colors they were wearing last time she saw them.

I knew Grace was terrified at the idea, but really wanted to do it. By that afternoon, she sheepishly owned up to it and said she wanted to go too. It's tough having a fearless kid sister when you're squeamish like your Mom.

So Saturday was the day. I was really excited for them. What a little milestone.

I really wanted to take pictures of the actual event, but Grace's heart was pounding and she was having a hard time keeping it together while we watched Patie (who was very matter of fact throughout the whole ordeal, recounting later that, "It hurt really bad, but then it was done. Now it doesn't hurt." No tears, just triumph for Patience.

Grace was terribly nervous, but DID IT. And through the tears, got the victory. And the sparkles in her ears. I'm proud of her. But no pictures. I held her hands instead. I've got my priorities straight, you know.

Lily, far too independent to get sister-peer-pressured into anything, thought it over and decided she would like to wait until she's 4. We'll see.


Miranda said...

I just wanted to tell you that reading your blog and seeing your photos is one of the bright parts of my day! :)

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Patience and Eve have the same smile... is it a six year old thing? I can't tell.

For Eve, it's like she just learning how to smile like she thinks she ought to smile. I kind of miss the uninhibited joy splashed across her face. Though I see it once in awhile...

Life is just better with splashy, beautiful, fun earrings! :)

Tara. said...

They are so cute. What a milestone! I'm sure they'll remember this for many years to come.

About Brandon said...

Grace and Patience, I love your new earrings! They are just like you described! You both made amazing choices!