Monday, February 22, 2010


On Saturday morning, a friend asked me for cake recipe recommendations. I threw her a reply, but after consulting the cookbook with the girls looking on with all kinds of commentary, we decided it was now mandatory that we bake something. Mandatory.
So while we were out that morning we picked up a couple of items at the store, like Cream of Coconut- have you seen this stuff? Amazing.
Something about covering a cake with toasted coconut is just, very domestic. I think you should try it.
You can find the recipe here. And if you really love to bake, you'd better get this one too.


A Crafty Mom said...

Wow - just the beautiful photo is making my mouth water right now. Beautiful!! I would love to try a piece!

Joe said...

Megan-Your food photos have a knack for making me drool. Jim and your kids are lucky!