Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keeping the Ordinary.

I love the ordinary, never planned memories the most.
I love how often you ask me to take your picture, and all the little things we keep because of it.
I love keeping your chapped winter-lips,

and your tousled, just got up from 2 hours of afternoon quiet alone time, reading and creativity, hair.

And I love every one of your little faces when you're trying to be funny, and I love that you demand to see the exposure immediately in camera, and you're so proud of how you look.

And I love that face you give now, Grace, for almost every picture- as a bit of your sweet childness wears off, and you've become aware of how your "picture face" looks, and you're trying so hard to perfect it. I'm keeping a series of "looks" you're working on, and will remember them fondly. You like the closed-mouth, pleasant-and-slightly-serious-dramatic look the most.

And I love that little deal we had last Sunday- where you could watch football all afternoon (wait, that's not a deal- that's just Sundays), and you'd let me shoot endless pictures of you while I worked in Manual and needed a human for experimentation. I like all the crazy faces you gave me, which are not posted here. I like just being in the same room as you. I just like you.

And Hudson, thank you for taking such great naps, even if it meant you weren't there for this little ordinary-keeping afternoon.


anne said...

I love this post!



Shelby-Grace said...

Such great photos! Love the one where your little girl has her eyes squeezed shut tight!

Erin A said...

These are adorable! Are these with your 50mm 1.4? That baby is at the top of my Christmas list, I can't wait to get this kit lense off. Great job!