Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin MMMMuffins.

They're super-simple, and are just perfect. Instead of the 2 C of fresh baked pumpkin called for in the recipe, I used an entire, 15 oz can of pureed pumpkin. And I threw in some walnuts because it was right. See, I'm not afraid to improvise in the kitchen. I'm a risk-taker like that.
They were perfectly-dense, very moist, and...awesome. Almost like a pumpkin pound cake muffin. Awesome. And really, kinda healthy, in a way.
After they were done, I even added some homemade cream cheese frosting...which I'm not sure would normally be legal with something called a muffin...but it was right.
They were awesome.


Kiki said...

I finally got around to making your un-humble granola this morning and I can tell by the smell that it is not going to let me down. I did leave out the coconut because ew. But the smell oh, the smell!

And now these muffins. Oh my.

anne said...

How can you go wrong with Pumpkin??!
Definately one of my favs...I made some pumpkin brownies this weekend.
They did not disappoint... and lets just say I had none left to take home after a par-tay we attended.

Annika said...

I love pumpkin! We've been baking yummy things with it too :)

Ashlie said...

Seeing this on your blog made me hungry for pumpkin muffins. I made them while the kids were napping this afternoon and you were right...they did not disappoint! I really liked all the cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves...YUMMY!

Kimberly said...