Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wise Up, and Call Me Blessed

A lot of people smile at us when we're out and about. A single trip to the grocery store brings many interactions our way. And, it's guaranteed that at least one person, though it's usually more, looks on at our brood and says that golden phrase, "You look busy!"

"Are they all yours?", "Are they twins?", "Do you do daycare?" and, "Finally got that boy, huh?" Round out the Top 5. I shall refrain from offering commentary on what I think when I've been asked any one of these on a given day for the third or fourth time.

Usually, they say I look busy with a smile. There are so many sweet people in the world. Sometimes, you know, just sometimes, they're not so much sweet. Even though, if I do say so, we Kochs have manners. It's not like we're a travelling zoo. Maybe they just don't have fond memories of raising their own children, I don't know.

I always smile and say something like, "Yes I am, and I love it!" And such.

As a mother of 4 young people, here is what I think:

Jim and I are present for the growing and becoming of four (and God-willing, more) fantastic, glorious expressions of the creativity and goodness of God. Our house is vibrant, energetic, and not ever, ever boring. We work our tails off, partnering with Him in the growing of their bodies, minds, and souls. We invest incalculable amounts of time and energy, love and hard work into these priceless, amazing people.

These children are breathtaking. I am so in love with them.

We see God creating and growing them into loving, caring, intelligent people who will one day enter the world on their own, we pray, to be confident, strong and humble, fully in love with Jesus and fully aware of who they are in Him. We work so they will be free to live how God created them to live, to use their gifts and talents, to be free to pour themselves out to the world all around them- free now, today, and free as they grow into adulthood.

And in the process, Jim and I grow, day by day, just as they do.

It's not easy. But it is wonderful.

No doubt, we are hard at work. No doubt, the day is busy.

But busy? That's not very encouraging at all.

Some days, I get tired of being told how busy I look, and I'd love for people to simply call me Blessed.

And you're blessed too.


Beth Cotell said...

Blessed! What a great way to sum things up!

I know when I see a mom in the store with a lot of kids, I always want to say something encouraging to her but never know what to say. And I've read enough blogs to know what NOT to say.

Shelby-Grace said...

What great words! You most certainly are blessed!

~B said...

This post is as if I wrote it.

I have four children and all of the same things have been said to me. When they have said "busy", I always say back to them "Blessed". They-in return- don't know what to say.

People just don't understand what an incredible blessing it is--no idea.

I have been most happily stunned by elderly people, they melt when they see my children. We have had it happen more than 10 times where our family would be at a restaurant and an older person or couple would come up to us and mention how we need to "enjoy this time" and "treasure this time". It makes my heart melt.

Now that my kids are not 8 and under we don't have people walk up to us like before and I _miss_ it.


Keri said...


Can you believe that even *I* get those comments with my 3?? As if three children is a large family now! (I always thought it was average.) Maybe it's because the boys are so close in age- and full of energy ;) Then throw the baby on top and it probably looks a little nutty sometimes, lol.

I just might have to use your "blessed" line next time one of the not so well meaning comments come flying my way in the middle of Target.

Kiki said...

Blessed indeed. It is so good to be blessed. And I want more blessings!

I get those comments too. Sometimes when I only have two with me!

Mandy said...

You are blessed! The comment I dislike the most is the one about "you finally got your boy". Micah is our youngest and people assume we had 3 to get a boy. As if we had control over it all! Love the pics!

Unknown said...

Hudson's expression in that picture is priceless!

anne said...

I get those comments with three...and the "3 BOYS!!!!!" Uh...yep, three.
This is a good addition to my post...thinking along the same lines.
Thanks for this! :)
Love you!

Tara. said...

We get those comments, too. I just always answer the, "Wow! You have your hands full!" with, "Yes, I sure do. Better full than empty!" It's always surprising to me when people comment on our family of 4 children because most of the families I know have at least 3 children, many of them have 4 or more.

I think your attitude about it is awesome. :o)

Anne Elizabeth said...

I know exactly what you mean. My mom had four kids and we were all close together. I remember the comments my mom got all the time. I even remember people coming and saying stuff to me about how many kids she had. The sad thing is most of the comments came from Christians in the church we attended. I get a lot of comments too about how busy I look or how tired I look. I too would just like to hear that I am blessed.

Becky said...

I love that picture of Hudson.

Sarah said...

I read your post several times - you're such an encouragement to me, Megan! Having Esther definitely threw us into the "Whoa - you have your hands full, don't you?" realm. I usually reply - "it's a wonderful handfull!"
Since when is 3 kids a lot?
I am so grateful for me little women's discipleship group :) I'm exhausted, but I wouldn't change my life - even on the overwhelmed days.

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Megan you truly are Blessed. I hope the Lord continues to bless you with more. From reading your blog, I can tell you truly have a passion for Jesus & raising your family his way. The more the merrier I say ;)
We have two girls that we absolutely adore. People have always asked us if we were going to go for # 3 in hopes for a boy. I found it very irritating. Then, we just found out last week that we are expecting # 3 in july. Already more than half the people that have found out, have asked if we are trying for a boy. To wich we reply, "nope, that's in God's Hands, we just want another baby to love." That usually shuts them up.
Thanks for Being an encouragement and an excellent rolemodel, as a Christian mommy, that loves her calling.
May God shower Many more Blessings upon you,