Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prime Time

Look, I'm in the middle of a really busy day, and I'm squeezing as much in during TV time as I can- whew!
But for those who asked, I share with you NOT the best picture I've ever taken, but, it's I think one of the most EXCITING ones- because Hudson does not EVER stand or sit still, and until my sharp little prime lens arrived on my doorstep this morning, I have not ever caught the light in his eyes like this. Never. This isn't an amazing shot- but it WAS amazing to me when I consider that it was taken while he was buzzing around after the cat in the living room, and trying to poke out the camera's eye every three seconds.
This man was MOVING. And I still pretty decently caught the eyes. So, hallelujah for that.


Blair said...

Love it! I feel the same about my little man! I can never find decent full face shots of him, he's just too quick!

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Wow those EYES! Great photo! Great blog. I found you through my friend Andrea. I am just now getting into photography. So I am excited to learn all I can. I don't even know what a prime lens is. I just got the Canon
T1i and I'm having a blast with it. Still figuring out all the functions and buttons ;)
I'm sure I'll be back to glean some more knowledge. I love finding other christian mommies in blog land.

Shelby-Grace said...

Wow! That looks like a great lens! I think it will serve you well!

Mandy said...


Anonymous said...

Which lens did ya get?? I'm in the market for my first prime lens and I'd love a good suggestion!