Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Most Un-Humble Granola

This granola is full of pride.

It has to be. It's better than every other granola, and it knows. So all that knowledge of it's goodness probably goes to it's head.

I kid you not, blogland, on the VERY morning that I was planning to sit down and write this post, I received an email from a friend with "breakfast delight" in the subject line, and the entire contents of the email were, and I quote, " FYI, your granola is the best ever."

See? It really is the best. That person, BTW, really, really digs granola.

It's an old 4H camp recipe, handed down for...generations...I'm sure. Well, at least 2 generations, then, because Jim ate it at camp when he was growing up, and now we eat it almost every morning. We make ourselves alternate between other kinds of breakfasty things, but really, we'd rather just always eat this. Thank you, 4H.

Camp Granola

5 C Oatmeal

1 C Coconut

3/4 C Brown Sugar

2 T Cinnamon

1 t salt

3/4 C Oil

3 T Vanilla

I would love to add slivered almonds, but that makes it expensive, so I don't. But you should. It would be good.

Triple the amounts you see up there. No, really, I mean triple it. Mix it all up. Bake it on a cookie sheet (when tripling, like you should be doing, you'll probably need a large turkey roaster, like we use- something with sides). Bake at 300 degrees (preheated of course) for 1 hour, stirring every 10 minutes. DO NOT forget to stir it, or it will toast unevenly, and some will burn.

Let it cool, then store in an airtight container. Mix in some dried cherries or cranberries or raisins if you want. That's good too.

And now you know.


Kiki said...

I will try this! I can't wait. We have been on a yogurt and granola kick for breakfast. And I'm tired of buying the granola.

Kimberly said...

sounds yummy!

Jim said...

It was actually a Baptist camp. We never had anything this good at 4-H camp. :)

Annika said...

Looks delish! I am going to whip some up. I think I'll put it on top of my ice-cream :)

Shelby-Grace said...

Sounds and looks great...we'll be giving it a try!