Thursday, July 2, 2009


Every season, I seem to catch some key moments with each of my kids that really, really shows just who they are, just as they are, just as I see them, just as my mother heart wishes they could remain just a little longer. But they refuse to stay. They never, ever stay.

And so I am grateful for this age we live in, an age of digital cameras that allow me to take 1000 pictures if I like, and keep tight the best, and not waste time or money on the rest. And I'm grateful for the world of uploading and editing, and saving, and sharing with so much ease.

So I can keep their small hands, their cheeks, their frumpled clothes, their hair just so- and have them near as much as I am able for the future- and go on letting time move swift and smooth, letting them live and grow freely, me following just behind with my camera, and my weak pleading to please, please! could you just stop and stay right now here with me a little longer?!

But I know I can't. And they don't want to. And I know deep down I don't really want them to. We'd miss out on too much.

And each snapshot-slice-of-life can be preserved, cherished, found easily, shared effortlessly. Safe from fire, water, and wind indefinitely. Tucked away until the Return of our Lord on the World Wide Web.


Kiki said...

Oh my word, this totally made me tear up! I totally get wanting to stay right where they are. Sage's birthday is coming up and enough said.

She is so beautiful. The second pic is my favorite. So sweet.

Shelby-Grace said...

Time does fly by. It's been six years, but it seems like only a couple.

I loved it once I got my digital camera. I could finally shoot all the pictures I wanted and not feel bad if I got one that didn't turn out just right. I just hit delete and went on to the next one:)

Taking pictures and storing them has been a wonderful way to capture moments that otherwise might have slipped away, but now they are forever to be cherished!

Unknown said...

I KNOW! She's beautiful (takin' after her mama, I'd wager)