Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ebenezer. Jehovah Jireh.

I am waiting to see what comes next.
I won't try to explain
the complexities of this season
or fumble through the words to say
what a rich thing it has been to savor.
Because I never could articulate it.
But the thought of all that is the past,
and all that is now,
and all we have waiting to come
is so sweet, and deep, and good
that no matter what is coming next-
I'm stirred down deep with joy
in the One Who Has Brought Us
and Who Will Provide.


Rachel said...

We're rooting for you!

I can kind of understand, I just don't have the faith that you do. I wish I did.

Blair said...

Wow, you are really an inspiration. I am sure having a hard time with "savoring" this season, and hope I can maintain that HOPE when life is so full of unknowns. Thanks for helping me to have a little more hope.

Kiki said...

Love this.

Beautiful words.