Monday, February 23, 2009

$M: Thrifted.

I think I might have a gifting. In thrifting. No, wait, I'll be bold. I know I do.

When it's a dewy Saturday morning, there's no place to be like the garage sale circuit. And I seem to have an innate sense of direction that leads me to unbelievable things. Things that we've actually been needing, or that I've been wanting, or that are just plain neat. And I'm good at the whole deal- the finding the best places, the judging of the value or worth of the stuff, knowing if I really need to buy it or not, and the bartering. I'm really good at that too.

When we need furniture, I know my way around that whole she-bang too.

I find the greatest stuff on clearance, and my house is filled (but not too full, because I'm a semi-minimalist...if there is such a thing...) with things that were really, really cheap. I'm really bad with math and numbers, but I remember the price of each thing, because they're like little Bargaining Oscars, won by me.

And you never know what treasures are buried under the musty piles of junk at a local thrift store.

This kind of thing exhilarates me. I absolutely love it.

All the other money things, I'm just so-so at, or for some, I'm just a recovering addict. Paying bills? I can get it done average-style because I have to. Setting a budget? I had to learn about that the hard way. Not overspending? It's a daily battle. Of course I don't always win.

What's the Money Thing that YOU are the best at?
(Permission to talk yourself up in the comment section granted).


kelly said...

I'm good at thrifting too! It's such a thrill :-) I'm pretty good at budgeting, too...but I'm not the best at sticking to it...

anne said...

Well I'll say I'm a good bargin finder, I never pay full price for pretty much anything (clothing or house decor).
I definately would not define myself as thrifty though. Neither would my husband. I am a HORRIBLE saver (but I have gotten much better)...and we just this year started a new way of budgeting, and so far so good.
I guess I'm best at paying the bills. I pay them on time and have a pretty good organization system going on.
Whoa...feel free to DELETE this irritating comment. I'm annoyed with myself!

Unknown said...

I like thrifting too, and I'm pretty good at it, espically when it comes to stuff for the kids. I'm a good saver and I'm great at paying bills. Anything that I have to write a check for, I write it the day we get the bill and stick it in the mail. We use automatic payments for most things, so they're paid on time, just before they're due. Our family is good at living within our means.

Unknown said...
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anne said...

I mean you! You are the coolest megan I know! :)

Unknown said...

You are up on me, but I love finding a good deal too. In fact that's one of my blog posts in my head--good deals at goodwill.
Still loving the lockers!

Jackie said...

I'm not so good at the saving and budgeting, but I LOVE clearance shopping. I will stop at Target sometimes just to look for clearance stuff. They usually keep it on the back endcaps facing the quieter, not-main aisles. I also love to comparison bargain-hunt on the internet before even hitting the stores. A lot of places will price match if you can bring in an ad or proof of price.

But I abhor going through clearance clothing. Must be the anal-retentive neat freak in me. The worst one of all is the semi-annual sale at Victoria's Secret - trying to find things among a million other things stuffed in a tiny box with 10 other people breathing down your neck. Those are the rare occasions when I'd rather pay more for my peace of mind. ;)

A Crafty Mom said...

I am a better planner than I am executer. I can budget and plan it all, but sometimes carrying it out is more difficult for me. I will admit though, I'm getting far better at saving money in general now that we have no income. This layoff has been a great lesson in thrift for our whole family!!

B said...

I'm very good at finding bargains for remodeling, but a lot of it has to do with a love of math. When I'm grocery shopping I calculate the cost per ounce to make sure I am getting the best deal. I know it's weird, but maybe that is why I'm a bookkeeper. You're right about the garage sales being a treasure trove. I just need to get up early enough to find the good stuff.

Grammy Staffy said...

You certainly do have a gift for thrifting!!! You are amazing

Megan I know that you have so much faith. Would you please read my blog and pray for little Gracie. The Gledhills really need our prayers today.

Thanks, Lura