Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Very Funny.

I was having a really discouraging week. The kind of week where nothing absolutely horrendous happened, but several really, really discouraging, frustrating, annoying things happened in rapid-fire action and I was SO done with it. The kind of week when it feels like every time you turn around, life slaps you in the face just for the fun of it.

On this particular day, several days into the schlump, I was, like I said, like, SO done with it.

I got home, kicked off my shoes in protest, and practically threw them. One of them flipped over to reveal Mr. Smiley up there, looking back at me.

Now some people might have smiled and said, "Hey, what a sweet thing to find on my shoe on this gloomy afternoon. That just made my day. How could I not have smiled at that?!"

For me, it was more of a breaking of the last straw..."Ha, ha, HA, life, VERY FUNNY. You stink! You think that was funny? My only consolation is that I have been carrying this stupid sticker on the bottom of my foot for who knows how long, and so over and over and over again Mr. Smiley here has gotten his face scraped and rubbed into the cold hard concrete! With germs all over it! Eat that, you ugly yellow tag-along!"

I'm not saying it was right. But that's what it did to me.


Keri said...

Poor Mr. Smiley :( lol

Hope this week is much better for you!

Lauren W said...

Oh my... I know exactly what you mean! I too have had those weeks. I do hope this coming week is better :)

anne said...

No wonder we are friends. :)
Of course I probably would have chucked the shoe out the door...just sayin.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Ummmm... yesterday for me. It stunk. And I might have not so gently tossed bread pans into my sink after two of them ripped my bread loaves when disengaging. Even though I BATHED them in oil before baking.


Glad to know I am not alone in my occasional disdain for any attempts at optimism. :)


Mandy said...

Hope your week gets better! :-)

Anne Elizabeth said...

I so get that! LOL

Jane said...


Amy said...

I am SOOO glad I'm not the only one that has days/weeks like this!!!--Well, not that I joy in your frustrationg--BUT it IS nice to know I'm not alone.
Do hope it gets better soon though!
Missed you last week--glad you're back.

Beth Cotell said...

I hope you have worked yourself out of your slump and can appreciate a smiley face now! :) (Even if it is on it's side!)

Debbie said...

I believe I know that kind of week! Hope yours gets better.