Friday, February 27, 2009


I love photography, because you can take something ordinary, and make a permanent moment with it, frozen just as it is. And I love that when you are looking with the eyes of your camera, you see a new world that you didn't before, and it's just fascinating. I love the whole process, and when I love an image, the enjoyment is doubled when I can share it with someone else.

And I love the way the afternoon sun shone right through these lilies, and that only after I took this photo did I notice the frills on the edge of each petal. I've never seen them before, but my camera did, and now I celebrate their loveliness all the more.


Unknown said...

That is a lovely photo indeed. Isn't God cool with the details? He took the trouble to add frills that most of us would never notice...

I'm sure there's a blog post in there somewhere, feel free to run with it:-)

Jackie said...

beautiful! I love the lighting!

Shelby-Grace said...

Such a beautiful picture!

I started taking a lot more pictures when I got my digital camera a couple of years ago, and it has been the greatest experience. I love it too when you see something and are able to capture that moment in a picture!