Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sinking Epiphany

One very early morning I woke up smoothly from a dream, with a deep and complete sense of satisfaction, in the fact that
I never wish I had someone else's life
I never wish I was somewhere else every day
It never occurs to me that I would want to be married to anyone else but the one I'm married to

And I really do feel that way. Even on my worst day. And I have worst days.

And that was very satisfying to me.

And then I smoothly drifted back to sleep.

Later, I realized after all this time that there are Ks all over my sink.

Would you look at that. A personally monogrammed sink strainer.

It was a time of epiphany.


Lisa said...

Love it. I want an "F" in my sink!!!

Love the life I've been given too - what a gift!

Unknown said...

Is it a Kohler sink?

Megan said...

it's a kenmore... :)

anne said...

that's all. :)

every simple day said...

its a tremendous blessing to appreciate the life God has given regardless of the circumstances. thanks for reminding us! I feel that way too... "even on my worst days" I have them too ;)

Flip-flop Mama said...

I have to go check my sink! I finally came up with a fact about myself. . I make the last of the cookie dough into a heart for my husband. I blogged about it. . I COULD NOT come up with a fact about ME! Did you take pics at the falls?

Ris said...

what a blessing! I feel the same way as you. God is good! Loving the K! Mine says insinkerator or something, LOL

Jane said...

There ya go! You can look for "K's" in the world as well as hearts!