Monday, January 26, 2009

$M: Because Free Coffee is So Much More...Refined.

Free Coffee All Day at Panera
Have you tried the Hazelnut? It's fantastic.


Lisa said...

gracias for the heads-up!

Kimberly said...

I saw this the other day! Im not a huge coffee person but this makes me think I could start sampling different flavors until I find the right one, you know? So the Hazelnut, huh?

anne said...

Mucho kudos to you for introducing me to Hazelnut coffee from Panera. I always think of you when I have it!
Kim, you'll lOVE it!
Thanks for letting us all know about it!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing to me? :)

Megan said...

HEY, TYLER- If STARBUCKS decides to ever give away a free ANYTHING, I'll be all over it!


Grammy Staffy said...

Ah, since I don't drink coffee do you think they might give me an herbal tea or hot chocolate???

I doubt it...haha

Oh well... have a good week.
Hugs, Grammy Lura

Lisa said...

Good to know! There's one right by my store. Free coffee is better than a $4 chai any day!