Monday, January 5, 2009

The First Money Monday of 2009!

I made a quick stop at Target last week to grab some prints from Flikr, and as Grace and I waited for an excruciatingly long time for the associates to locate my order (I pushed the button and waited about 5 minutes for a 15 year old to come to the photo center, I told him it was for Koch, "Spelled K-O-C-H"- this is routine for me and everyone else who's name sounds nothing like how it's spelled- and he looked over and over and couldn't find it and I was standing there SURE in my mind he was probably just spelling it wrong in his head. He sheepishly left me at the counter mumbling about getting someone else who could find them. About 7 minutes later another associate came, who got behind the counter and within 30 seconds, found my pictures right there, with the other "K"s. I have no idea why I didn't just go back there and get them myself while he left me there waiting, other than perhaps a deep subconscious fear of offending Target to the level that they would ban me from the store forever. Oh, the horror!

Wait. I have a point. While I was waiting, I noticed a stack of these gift cards sitting behind the counter, bound by a rubber band. If you bought a $25 gift card for the photo center, you'd get 5% off any order you paid with the gift card. If you spend just $5 more and get one for $30, you got 10% off each purchase you made with the card. What a smokin' deal for someone like me! No strings, just a discount. I like it! I knew the Flikr order was $25 alone, so if I bought one of those cards first, then paid with it in a seperate transaction for my pictures, I'd save $2.50 right away. So that's what I did.

Apparently, they are new. Apparently, Target, in this sweepingly digital age, is trying to find new ways to get people to actually print their pictures. I used my card, which had around $5 left on it for a $7.50 order a few days ago. I still saved .75 even though I could only partially pay with the gift card.

Sweet Discount.


Ashlie said...

Very nice. Thanks for passing that tip along!

Annika said...

I saw those the other day. Gotta love a good deal, and Target!

Unknown said...

I SOOOO understand about the name not sounding like it's spelled! And, I can totally relate with having to wait forever for the photo person to look, and look, and look for your photos, when I know darn well I could find them right away. I've often wondered why they don't just let you get them yourself! My solution for the name thing - I use my maiden name. Actually, you could use a made up name. Or, you could spell your name Cook for photo orders. It saves a little headache. :)

A Crafty Mom said...

Well, that is a sweet discount, my friend, but we have no Target here in Canada :-) I usually get my prints done at Costco, they are pretty affordable. And that's a cute red wallet, I could swear I have the exact same one :-)

Happy New Year to you and your family . . . glad life is getting back to normal and I can come check in on my Money Monday each week!!

Shelby-Grace said...

We're going to Target tomorrow...gonna have to check those out! I've got a lot of Christmas pictures just waiting to be printed:)