Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Mama

Jim came home late a few weeks ago with a little bundle tucked under his arm- a DSLR of my very own. A customer brought this online-only Sony A200 back to the store, and since they don't normally sell them, they took the $500 price down to $250 just to make sure they weren't stuck with it. It was perfect in the box. I probably wouldn't have gotten this particular one if I could choose whatever I wanted, but it's a great starter SLR, and I'm very grateful.

You know, getting this little baby has been a lot like getting your first "real" little baby...

I desperately wanted one for the longest time and we waited and waited because the time wasn't right and they are so expensive.

I was ecstatic to finally have one of my own.

Once she was mine I immediately had a hard time picturing life without her. What were we thinking waiting so long?

Oh, and she's a she, by the way. I named her after just one click. Eve. More like, Eeeeeve. She instantly dwarfed my (still great in it's own right, and every girl needs a tiny point and shoot for her pocket...) Nikon's skills with her sweet and instant, clean shots. You got it. I've christened my Nikon Wall-E.

That first time I held her, my hands shook a little as I OH SO CAREFULLY put the lens on for the first time and awkwardly cradled her in my hands. The delicateness terrified me a little bit.

Once I got my hands on her though and got through a few first clicks, we got to know each other oh so quickly, and my confidence grew.

I read that manual front to back, overwhelmed and trying to absorb every piece of information and advice.

I'm still terrified to leave the house with her. What if something happens?!

The first time I handed her over to Jim I panicked a little, as if he would break her, and of course he did not. I still like to keep her to myself most of the time, but, I do indulge him occasionally. I even let his brother hold her for a little while over Christmas.

But I'm still not going to let just anybody touch her.


Anonymous said...

What a cute post! I'm glad you and your baby are bonding so nicely.

My new baby's arriving in the mail today. I've been tracking it's every move...feeling sad for it as it sits in a cold dark box just waiting for someone to pick it up...

Kiki said...

congrats on your new babe! and this one won't wake you up at 3 am!

Shelby-Grace said...

I'm so happy for you and your newest addtion:) I love my DSLR too! It comes with me everywhere I go. Have fun!

Lisa said...

so jealous...and so happy for you. With the girls when they were born my hubby gave me diamonds. this time I'm hoping for an SLR.....I don't want this last baby to get big without me documenting it all in wonderful clarity!

cute post, Megan!

Jenn Boerger said...

Love this post - explains my feelings, too! We got our first DSLR for Christmas, and I'm totally thrilled. Yet scared and still a little nervous with it. But, I'm sure we'll get used to it in time... (just like the little ones!)

Anne Elizabeth said...

Very cute post! I hear you on the baby thing:) I am still waiting to get my camera aka my baby!

Mandy said...

Oooh! Would love one too! But I am SO happy for YOU! How exciting to get one on sale!

The Mrs. said...

hilarious! I know the feeling, my new camera was kinda like that, not quite as nice as yours but my first camera that was more then a point and click. I still cringe when the hubs touches it!

anne said...

So what I'm officially the only person on the face of this earth with a poop camera. Alright, I can't complain, plus I have my Dad's sony he gave me...and I've just been too lazy to really take the time to figure it out.
I'm happy for you and excited to see what you produce!

A Crafty Mom said...

Congrats!!! I cannot wait to see your photos with this little gem - they'll be fabulous, I'm positive. I got a Nikon D60 before Christmas, very much on sale, and I'm still learning how to use it but LOVE it very much. Not certain of it's gender yet, though ;-)

Katie said...

Oh, yay!! Have fun with her! Cute self portrait by the way. :)

Jane said...

So excited for you!
I'm getting a new "eye" for my baby!
p.s. head to my blog for a look-see at a powdered sugar donut heart on the finger.

Unknown said...

oh hurrah--congratulations!

Ris said...

I've had my DSLR a year and I am still over protective! Now my family members all have the same one, so we try to not mix them up at family get togethers, lol.

Robyn said...

CONGRATS! There really IS nothing quite like a DSLR. LOVE, LOVE, Luuuuv mine.

However, you now get to welcome in the world of - "I have the tool, but gosh darn it(!), my photos still don't quite look like the ones I see in my head."

Your idea of what's "great" evolves with you. You know, it's one of those "the more you know, the less you realize you actually know" kind of things.

So fasten your seat belt! It's a thrilling ride!!

CONGRATS (on the camera and the great deal!!) You're off to a great start -- the scrabble photo has great depth of field :)

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

so excited for you! i have a canon dslr and LOVE it! you will have a lot of fun with your camera!