Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gratitude, Anyone?

We have really been enjoying this book, audio CD, and the whole darn package this week! What an awesome way to get centered on the tradition of Thanksgiving as a family! Family Life is offering the whole Thanksgiving bundle at a discounted rate and you get UPS 3 Day Shipping for the price of USPS ground! It's an awesome deal, and there's still time to get it delivered before you pass the pie!

This tradition is here to stay at our house!
If you aren't ready to purchase it just yet, you can listen to the complete audio book on Family Life's broadcasts from last week! Here is the link for Day 1 of the 5 broadcasts- the book includes this story along with many additional wonderful things to learn, and the audio version is done very well- it's really captivating! The bundle also includes two CDs of Thanksgiving hymns and instrumental music, and some other neat resources!

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Anonymous said...

I'm always encouraged to see how our girls can change our perspectives on life. Thanks for challenging us to make thanksgiving more than a meal.