Friday, October 3, 2008


Someday you won't be my Little Man.
You'll be another woman's Man.
And you know what?
Then, I won't want you to be my Little Man anymore.

But my heart will want and wish for that Little Man back.

One more day to bury my nose in your bright blond hair,

to squeeze my hands around that perfectly-oversized belly. To be the one you reach for when the world attacks you,

the one who knows exactly how to make you laugh that laugh.

You know the one I mean.

To be the one to hear you breathe those big breaths

whenever something exceptional catches your eye.

No, I won't want you to be my Little Man anymore, when you are a Man.

I will do all I can to let you be as mighty as I believe you'll become.

This will take all the strength your mother can muster, but I'll do it.
But I will miss my Little Man terribly,
and want for that sweet head
and all the adoration that is mine today.
And so today, I will squeeze you more.


Anonymous said...

Hey Megan! This one really hit me! I feel exactly the same way. My baby boy just turned one on Wednesday and it makes me happy and sad at the same time to see him growing up. You did an awesome job of expressing how I feel about him right now.

Mandy said...

Oh! You hit the nail on the head. I am really strugglin' with Micah growing up. I do pray that I will be a kind and loving Mother-in-law some day.

anne said...

aw give him a squeeze for me too!
He's so precious!:)

Anne Elizabeth said...

I was watching my son walk the other day and suddenly he didn't even look like a toddler. He looked like a little boy walking, and I envisioned him as a man. He is going to be two in December and it has flown by so fast. I love what you wrote!

Grammy Staffy said...

Oh my goodness Megan I am just bawling over this one. Since I lost our first boy I only got to raise one David. He is married with 3 darling children now. He lives far away from us.

I am proud of him and his accomplishments but I do miss my "little man". It seems such a short while ago that he loved nothing more than sitting on my lap while I rocked him and sang to him. Now I am lucky if I get to talk to him a few minutes each week or so. Sometimes my heart aches to hold him in my arms again....but he is far away and busy being a husband and father...and I know that is good....but I know exactly what you are saying in this have great insight.

Enjoy your sweet little man every moment that you have him....I know that you do.

Anonymous said...

Awww.....he is so adorable and squeezable!

I have been feeling the same way with my baby lately. She will be 1 next month (so hard to believe) and she is my last baby. My heart breaks a little every day.

Unknown said...

I was just thinking about this the other day too--and of that poem that says daughter is a daughter all of her life but a sons is a son 'til he marries his wife. Boo Hoo!

What cute pics to accompany this post! Love a little overalled guy!

Lisa said...

So true.....and could he be any sweeter? That smile - worth a million dollars!

stacey said...

Aww that just made me cry :(

I want my little man to stay little forever!