Thursday, October 9, 2008

12: Things About Jim

1. He is an excellent disc golf player. He'll never tell you that.
2. He's extremely smart. No, really, I mean extremely. He won't say that either.
3. He's very humble.
4. He loves to grow things in the dirt.
5. Before he married me, he could count the times in his entire life that he was angry on one hand.
6. He's very even-tempered.
7. He embodies What You See is What You Get entirely. He is always 100% Jim, never a shade of anything else.
8. When he was picking out my engagement ring, he stood at the counter deciding between the one I have and one that was larger, for a really long time. The salesperson persisted that he couldn't go wrong with the larger one, but he chose more modestly. The reason? He said if we were ever missionaries one day, he wouldn't want my ring to be a hindrance to my witness, especially to people who had far less than us. I love that he thought of that. That is the kind of guy I wanted to marry!
9. He is a voracious reader. Apparently, they come in pairs.
10. He's incredibly strong. Sometimes he shocks me with how strong he is. And last month he took a strength test at a physical required for his new job, and he came out with the score of "exceedingly strong"- the highest he could get. He impressed everyone.
11. He saved his first kiss for me, on our wedding day.
12. He is my best friend with all kinds of other benefits and is by far the most popular person in our house- none of us can get enough of him.
Oh, and today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Jim, we love you so much. Every year with you just gets richer.


Amy said...

Great tribute!! He sounds like a wonderful guy.
( My husband is also the most popular person in our house--I think he likes it!)
God is so great blessing us with these men!!
Hope your day is good!!

anne said...

Happy Birthday JIM! I love your wife, so I'm sure you must be a pretty awesome guy.
:) Have a fabulous day with your family!

Anne Elizabeth said...

That is a great tribute!

Lisa said...

What a list full of love! Happy Birthday to your honey!

Robyn said...

My husband and I had our first kiss when he proposed! Didn't think there were too many of us anymore . . .

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a really great guy - what a wonderful tribute to him! Happy Birthday to your dh!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Sounds like you have a great hubby. ~Denise