Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Out

I realize that this, and any other post with a House Beautiful label, will be of scant interest to most of you, but:

1. I like remembering our home through the years.

2. I love it when other people show pictures of their homes so I can spy on their lives and get inspired by them. So I give you free spy privileges to encourage reciprocation.
3. I'm being kind and considerate. This might look like a lot of pictures, but, baby, there could have been more.

If you're one of the many with that scant interest, no prob. Come back tomorrow for a mildly entertaining post about something completely different.

And now, Viva la Fall!

My favorite self-made wreath- made with lots of free, Minnesota corn husks
I love changing around and changing out pictures every season. I'm here a lot. I need to keep it fresh.
I've wanted a lamp right here for a while. The need for ambient lighting and all. The one I really wanted was of course from Pottery Barn. I never would have gotten it. But then last weekend I found this one, unspeakably cheap, at Kohls. And it's the very same style.

I found that copper thing at Savers, my new favorite thrift store, for $1. It was nasty green, but cleaned up very nicely! It's actually much more shiny than it's getting credit for here. That silver tray was a $1 Savers find too.I've had this frame sitting on this side table for months. I really like it there, but I think everyone else thinks it looks silly. No one's been honest enough to tell me- and I'm keeping it there.
See that basket? That's my hiding place. Where do you hide your ugly but necessary stuff?
I'm using my fake candle more now that it's getting dark earlier. I love a great fake candle. Talk about a good investment!

I love little change-out changes. Peeps, just wait for Christmas! I'm so excited for Christmas in a new house- so many new possibilities!

I don't know, I was just trying something different here. This was my one treasure from the farmer's market yesterday. A little green, but she'll ripen up nicely, I'm sure.
There's Edgar, the friendly family crow, guarding the Minnesota corn in the apothecary jar. He has no idea that he, and the pumpkins, are fake.


Lauren W said...

Your home is lovely :)
It's killing me that I'm moving in a month. I can't bring myself to decorate, knowing that it'll all have to get taken down so soon...

Lisa said...

I LOVE these posts! You inspire me with your creativity on a budget. Happy Fall - it looks just perfect!

anne said...'s fall!!! I've had my decor up for a few weeks already...a little excited wouldn't you say?! I'm going to put pics up OCT. 1.
Anywho...I'm LOVING your home...I always love these posts too, getting a glimpse into your home and seeing more of you since I only got to know a weekend of you!
I love that you change pictures, and the corn husk wreath is really cool.
What else is to say but:
You rock Megan!

Anonymous said...

Your home posts are some of my favorite! I, like you, love to see other people's homes and decorating styles. If I had a blog of my own (I'm working up the nerve), I would post some pics of our home. :) We have baby #3 coming in April, so we'll be making many trips to SF. Maybe we can hook up sometime!

queenbee said...

I love that you are like me and have to decorate on a budget. Your fall decor is great and I love all of the baskets in your home. What color is the blue on your wall. We have the same kitchen cabinets by the way.

Mandy said...

Beautiful. Will you come here & take me out shopping at thrift stores? I never have because when I was first married I lived in a new town and didn't know where and all and then 9 months later I was toting around a baby and since then have added 2 more to the mix and have always just hit the bare necessity stores. I need to get out more!

Eva said...

HA! I love pictures of houses too. I put some up on facebook a while back b/c I wanted my family to see what I had done w/the place. I like seeing inside your house...feels like I'm looking through a Pottery Barn magazine. Yeah, you obviously love that one. =) I do too but my decorating progression is slower.

amanda said...

i love it all.

i really think your house could be inside the pages of house beautiful every month :)

thanks for sharing!

A Crafty Mom said...

Looks great Megan!! I love changing all the pictures at our home, but never do it often enough. I really hope to do it in the next few weeks. I love all the subtle fall colours, they look lovely in any home. I need to get a move on getting some "style" into our home, it has been in a rut lately and over run with kids' stuff. I'm on an organizing and decorating mission in the next few weeks/months so I *promise* I will take lots of before and after photos for you :-)

Thanks for sharing yours and making my day!

Unknown said...

Girl! You are amazing. I don't even have the energy/time to pick up the clutter and get it into my hiding basket--let alone redecorate for fall! You do it up right--an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

So here's a question: How do you keep at these beautiful little things away from curious little hands?

Anne Elizabeth said...

I love your house and I love your decorating style. That is such a great idea to change the pictures out with the seasons! Great inspiration!

Flip-flop Mama said...

Am glad your little guy was wearing a blogging shirt at story time :) I love all your decorations!

Ris said...

The lamp is fantastic, Edgar is HILARIOUS, and I love that you decorate for the seasons! Too cool.

Kiki said...

Your house is so cute and homey. But how do you keep stuff like that sitting out? My kids would destroy or break and not on purpose. They just have little room to play football and throw balls, our living room is so small and it is the only play area.

I'm giving them a few more years. like maybe 10!

Megan said...

our walls are sherwin williams 6206 oyster bay. i don't even like blue, and it's my favorite color in the house. i could be surrounded by it forever. see this post for more gushing about it.


Martha said...

All those gourds and little squashes are so darn cute... Everything looks beautiful, are you expecting guests or is your home always this clean and pretty?

Jane said...

You have the "GIFT".
Thanks for sharing!

Tarrah said...

You have a beautiful home megan, I love the way you decorate :)