Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Autumn begins,

and once again

reminds us

of time's swift smooth passage,

the sacredness of warm memories,

and the numbering

of our days.


Ashlie said...

What a beautiful picture!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Love the picture! Autumn is my FAVORITE season:)

amanda said...

what a great shot friend.

i sooo love fall!!

Kiki said...

Beautiful picture. Fall makes me love orange all over again. I miss fall, I miss the anticipation of fall.

Katie said...

Beautiful picture, Megan!

stacey said...

Great Picture!!!! I LOVE FALL~ it is my FAVORITE time of the year:)

The Mrs. said...

beautiful picture.

even with the heat this week I can see fall peaking thru. I LOVE IT!