Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today's Second Post, This Week's Free Flowers #3, and The Mail I've Been Waiting For

Finally. They opened. Dozens more to come- glory!

Here are some more beautiful and trusty day lilies- in my newest yard sale vase- .50. I love it- orange is perfect in our master bedroom.
Finally! My FAVORITE edition (the debut of the fall/part of winter collections) of the Pottery Barn catalogue arrived today! And right under the new RealSimple! I've been anticipating it for WEEKS! Oh joy. I got them right after the kids went down for their naps, and the only thing that kept me from diving right in- PB first, of course, is that I couldn't wait to share my excitement with YOU! Woo Hoo! If you don't already receive the (free) Pottery Barn catalogues, you should. I almost never (maybe once a year) get something from Pottery Barn. But they are my decorating mentors and muse. I adore Pottery Barn. I'm off! I've got some decorating inspiration and an ice tea waiting on me!


amanda said...

oh i so get it :)

pottery barn showed up yesterday...

i can't stop looking!!

as for real simple, in my book there is nothing better!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Love the vase. I haven't gotten PB since I moved:(

Anonymous said...

pretty flower!

Lakewood florist

stacey said...

Love the vase!!!

We have a PB & PBK Outlet near us!!! I got a lot of cute things there marked down VERY cheap for Josh's bedroom!!!

Ris said...

I threw mine away without looking. Sigh. Can't afford to decorate this month...saving for that furniture! :-) dont need the temptation. Lol pottery barn kids is the one that gets me hooked. I do love both though!

Ris said...
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A Crafty Mom said...

I don't get the catalogue, but would LOVE to for sure. I rarely get to go b/c the closest PB is in Toronto (4 hours from here). I can often be found browsing the IKEA catalogue though . . . and I love Real Simple too. I haven't read it in ages, but my mother still gets me a subscription to Martha Stewart and I love reading it each month with a great cup of coffee. Well, except now I like to read your blog with a nice cup of coffee :-)