Tuesday, July 29, 2008

?M: In Which She Talks About Her Early Morning Routine

I received several comments from you super women regarding when I get up, and my early morning routines. Here's what went down last Friday morning. It's just like every other morning, so, you'll get the idea.

Jim and I wake up at 5:30. Rephrase. The alarm goes off at 5:20. I then stay in bed snuggled with Jim, attempting to wake him up fully until about 5:45. Or so. And actually, the alarm says 5:30, but it's 10 minutes ahead so we get a "bonus snooze". Annie, you asked what time we go to bed- it's usually 11 or a little after.

I mosey out to the kitchen while Jim gets ready for work. My automatic coffee maker never fails to have fresh brew waiting for me. It starts it's magic at 5:30. The real 5:30. The grinder is awful loud, but the sound of it triggers good expectations to my sleepy self and I'm all the more motivated to shake a tail feather.

Then, I sit here. I usually drink coffee and let my mind wander in the silence to all manner of things important and trivial. Jim sits and eats and reads at the table until he kisses his beautiful, stunning, lovely wife goodbye and leaves at 6:40-ish. Ris, right now, this is my stack. It changes regularly, and really varies. And shoot, I forgot to add a picture of my cute journal. Bright green leather. It's adorable- and handy, I must say.

I can tell you, with no doubts, this one thing in my day is the most important, significant, life-changing, life-giving, heart-filling thing I do, or rather, that God does in me. Every Day. Yes, I could sleep longer. But over the years I have been convinced that alone time with Jesus is sweeter. If you have more questions about it, feel free to email me.
And then the morning continues...

I make some breakfast. I've eaten this exact same breakfast- alternate strawberries with nectarines- for two weeks. It's just good, and I go through phases. When I'm up with a new-er baby often at night, breakfast is more like oatmeal, or nuts or something super-quick. Now life is normal with H sleeping until the girls get up, so I feel more excited about a slightly more involved meal. But, eggs are ultra fast too- this breakfast probably costs about .75 and takes no more than 7 minutes to prepare, and is delicious. I like to eat well, it is a great way to start the day. Less than an hour from now, there will be snot on my PJ pants and I will have changed my morning quota of diapers. But now, I eat nice.
Now it's about this time...
And then I come here, to catch up with ya'll. My kids get up at 8:15 every day. More on that, per your requests, on another post.
And, I hope you understand, I pre-post my entries, meaning, I schedule them a day or more in advance to publish on a certain day and time. So, no, I don't get up at 3 AM. I just like 'em out there good and early. Just because. Something about getting the worm?

Your questions were all so great! I'm loving thinking of how I'd answer, and I hope to catch them all! So keep looking out for more insights into my very ordinary life...


Kimberly said...

Im way crazy impressed with your ability to get up at 530. But even more amazed that your kids sleep until 815 - how did you manage that? Mine are both up by 7 at the VERY LATEST. Usually closer to 730. I am all about getting up earlier than them because I agree that is the best quiet time of all. I am just really, really bad at it!

Thanks for answering so many questions Megan!

anne said...

let me tell you...this is crazy.
Just yesterday I had a lengthy conversation with my cousin/bff about growing in our walk with Christ.
She was telling me how she has been getting up an hour or so before her son...very simular to your routine.
I've slowly been realizing more and more how important this time is, and doing it all when my kids are up takes away from me parenting them, and I can't really focus on the word and prayer as well.
Thanks for sharing. It has motivated me even more. :)

Ris said...

This is very motivating! I do my alone time with God at night, but I think I'd have more time for Him if I'd wake up earlier to do so. If you have any other books to recommend me, let me know! Thank you!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

This will be me in about 3 weeks... sob.

I dislike getting up early very, very much. But, there will be school for a petite 5 year old... sigh.


amanda said...

uhm first i am just wondering if you can come over and make me breakfast?


second i love that you get up early and have you time. so very important.

i must work on this.

thanks for sharing a typical morning with megan :)

Lisa said...

Wowzers! You are disciplined, aren't you? And just how do you get those cute kids of yours to sleep until 8:15. We squeek by at 7 - 7:30. And I roll out of bed at 6:30 - 6:45 - not leaving a lot of "me" time.....

stacey said...

Your breakfast looks YUMMY!!!!

That is so great~ I always try to get up early to do my quiet time . . . but it is SOO hard for me!!! So I usually end up doing it at night . . . but there is something more peaceful about the morning ~starting off your day with the Lord & a cup of coffee :)

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

i don't know how you do such an early a.m. i am struggling right now with that very thing...early time w/ God. I have been really bad since Tulip arrived & then started (barely) getting into a routine b/c she started sleeping until 720-800 and then jumped back to 630-7...

i want to know how your kids sleep until after 8!

now...i am moving time zones from mountain to suddenly 7a becomes 8a...maybe then I can get my little tot to sleep until 8! HAHAHA

Tarrah said...

I am finally getting all caught up with you Megan :)

This sounds like an absolute wonderful morning routine and something I have been wanting to do for a long time. My excuse has been that my kids always hear me awake and wake up early for some reason. Our house has never been set up well enough where I could get away with it. But no, the kids sleep till about 7:30 and we have a downstairs. But now I'm having a baby :) Someday soon, this will be my routine too!

Eva said...

Question. How do you pre-post and schedule your posts to be out so early? I'd like the try that but the "help" hasn't been and I can't figure it out. What do I click?