Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's Real Life #3: Where the Magic Happens

Welcome to my Master Bedroom. Come on in.

Our office moonlights as our entertainment center, as it's where Jim and I watch movies, Monk and The Office. We watch most things online since we don't watch TV otherwise, and we can't go downstairs, because the girls are asleep. It's nicer in bed anyway :). Oh, and you know how you stay up late watching TV, then you fall asleep on the couch? Problem solved!Lest I forget, this is the boys' bedroom, too.

#1: Under Bed

I couldn't get a good shot under there- way too dark. It's pretty boring- there's the extra leaves for our dining table, and a scrabble game. Use your imagination.

I decided to show you my closet instead, to be fair. Besides, you also need to see:#2: What's In/On Your Dresser

I forgot to take an In, but, here's the top. Some of my stuff, some of Jim's stuff. #3: Night Table

It's got a flashlight and some good books I can pick up if I can't sleep. Here's a vase I etched. Someday, I'll teach you how. Promise. Here's a gigantic stack of Pottery Barns and my decorating binder, still leftover from my needing inspiration days when we moved in. I'll move them. Soon. I don't need them right now. Yes, I save every one.

#4: Decorations

You get the idea around the room. Here's a shelf. There are some favorite love letters (the rest are in the brown box on my dresser) and some miscellaneous stuff.

#5: What I love

My very own bathroom, of course. Our room and our bathroom are sacred! Nobody gets to hang out in here but us, with very rare exceptions! Ours. All Ours.
There's some mismatched towels... Oh, and see those three candles on the windowsill? You can learn about those here.

#6: What I hate

I don't have a picture. I don't think I hate anything about this room. I dislike the color, which it came with, but it's satisfactory. I'm sure I'll get inspired one day, and there's another post for you. I also think it's a little bare, but, that's something that changes over time, finding the right stuff.

#7: What makes it uniquely mine

Wait, I don't have a picture of that either, but, it's a room just for us, for rest and fun and late night snacks and games, for watching the sunset from our bed out the huge window, for having time for ourselves and for... It's our room. I love it.

#8: What I sleep in

Some kind of workout pants, and a shirt, usually a tank top in the summer, long-sleeved T in the winter. I never wear stuff like this out of the house though. Back in college, I sure did!
P.S. I am so basking in the glory of free fresh flowers right outside my door. Thanks, Jim, gardener superman and best friend of mine. P.S.S. Clearly, I am not afraid of looking stupid.


Ris said...

you are getting me inspired. I should do some things to spruce up my bedroom. I was telling Stacey at Morning by Morning that I'm glad to not be able to post pics of my room! Its huge but filled with exercise equipment and bachelor furniture. I love your shelves and d├ęcor! The SILLY pic is cute!!

stacey said...

LOL~ that picture is cute at the end!!!

Your room is Beautiful~ You did an awesome job decorating!!!!! I love EVERYTHING ~espically the B&W pictures on the shelf :)

Lisa said...

You need to start a decorating blog, Megan. I'm serious. I think you do an amazing job, and to do it on a budget as well - kudos to you! Your room is beautiful!

PS - I'm going to Chicago to shop next week BY MYSELF with two friends. Ikea & Pottery Barn - here I come!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Love your room!

Kimberly said...

Okay, if I took pictures of my master bedroom everyone would gasp in horror, it is so outdated and yucky! That is the nice thing about moving I guess, updated what is on your walls and what not.

These are always so fun, thanks for sharing. Maybe I will participate next time 'round.

Lauren W said...

I love your shelves! I have something of a shelf-fetish (I don't know why), and yours are fabulous :)

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

is your bedroom seriously that clean all the time! you are my hero! my room looks like a war-zone right now...

anne said...

nicely done! Mucho kudos to you...because YOU ROCK! Impressed am always :)
Love ya!

amanda said...

love, love, love it!

that's what i say to every post of yours isn't it? but i do honey! it's a beautiful room :)

and can i just say that i love the love letters in the vase? very cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow your room is gorgeous. I'm crying inside now thinking of mine. lol.

Joy said...

Fab room! I think a gold or green wall would look awesome with your comforter!!! Then again... my room is green and I have a red comforter... LOL! Come see for yourself!

Oh and YOU ARE SO LUCKY to have your own bathroom!!! *sob*

A Crafty Mom said...

Gorgeous!!!! LOVE it. What a beautiful room. I knew u were awesome but now I find out you love The Office too!!! I'm a die hard fan, I was so sad when the season finale was on . . . hate to have wait until next season. Those daisies are so beautiful, I love them floating in the water like that.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It's all so beautiful, Megan. And from your blog post above this one, done on a shoestring! You are amazing!
The decorations in my bedroom were done the same way. I add treasures as I find them, and they are always deals! I think that is what I love best. :)

The of my FAVORITE colors. I love the just perfect touches you have placed thoughtfully about.


Kristen said...

First of all, you so don't look stupid! Cute yes, stupid no.

Again love the decorating, and I totally agree with Lisa. You so need to do a decorating blog. I would read!! :)

Unknown said...

I'm winking back at you! ;-p

You're amazing. I love it all! How do you keep Hudson out of the bookcases outside your bedroom door?

Love the love letters. Beautiful idea!

gina said...

I love your bookcase outside of your room!
I have inspiration folders and mags that I am stockpiling for when we find the perfect house.
Love your etched glass vase- a tutorial would be a nice post- hint, hint.

Scrappy Girl said...

The love letters and the floating fresh flowers are great! I love little touches like that. Also I LOVE Pottery Barn. Just recently discovered it too. I had fun snooping...

Scrappy Girl said...

The love letters and the floating fresh flowers are great! I love little touches like that. Also I LOVE Pottery Barn. Just recently discovered it too. I had fun snooping...

Mandy said...

Wow! It's beautiful! Makes me want to stay there myself! Looks so peaceful and relaxing...and I love your shelves! Love romantic...wish my husband had sent me more than once so I could do that, too!

Maggii said...

I like how clean and sleek everything uncluttered....I wish my home was more like that...I'm working on it!

Amy said...

I hate the colour my room came beige or something..ugh. Someday, I, too, will get inspired!! And I LOVE my bathroom too!! So nice to have refuge eh??