Thursday, July 3, 2008

For those that asked, and because I like a good bargain...

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This room is all about the clearance.

And yes, it always looks like this. It's just my thing. I can't live in clutter, my brain feels dull and irritated at even the thought of cohabiting with clutter and mess. It's just my thing. And no, I don't work very hard at it. We all just put things away right when we're done with them, so Mommy doesn't get dull and irritated. See? It's all about me. (Not really.) Things are always picked up, but not always "clean". You know? Jim, I'm not too uptight, right?

And anyway...Here's a collection of all my finds over the years that ended up here.This shelf is from Target, but I got it at a liquidator store for $20 new. At the time and for months later, they were still at Target for over $60. It's an exact copy of PB shelf, but the PB one only hangs vertically. This one hangs both ways. Score.
The vase is cheap from Walmart.
The green ball was clearance $2 at Target. A lot, to me, for a ball, but I have a fetish with this color, and it brought the candle from the bathroom's color to this room, and I love it. Good buy.
The white frame was $3 on clearance at Target.
The little red vase was .99 at Hobby Lobby. It has an invisible chip.
The bowl on the top was $2 at TJMax.
The vase next to it is the .25 G sale find. The K is from the package for a Restoration Hardware Ornament.
Total Cost of Shelf: Approx. $30.25
The smart desk and chair were paired together on clearance at Slumberland. Jim found it (thanks dear) when we moved. It's gorgeous, solid wood, with a matching chair, for $196.00. Jim was rightly excited. I can't remember the total price originally- Jim, do you? I remember the chair alone was $100. Only ones left. There's a $3 frame from HL and a $1 clearanced small vase that I use as a pen-holder.
I got this vase with a gift card. The ball was $2. I love the options of the sphere- such a nice touch thrown in with lots of rectangles.
Oh, and this vase in my kitchen is actually a salad bowl, which was clearanced at TJ Max for $7. It's huge and heavy and has 1000 decorating uses.

Our bed, side table, and two dressers were all free, from Jim's grandparents when we got married. We'll probably keep them forever. That mirror was $20 at a garage sale. I love it dearly. My bedding was all half price at Kohls- sheets, comforter, throw, pillows, the whole deal 50% off (sold separately). The bedding cost was a total of $100.
That large hurricane was on clearance at Target for $25. Down from $39.99. I know, because I lovingly looked at it every time I went to T for a year. The bowl with the flowers was $2 at TJM. The candle plate I use to store most-used jewelry was .99 at HL. The candle was $9 half off at BB & B. (a lot, but it smells awesome and again, I spend more for that great color I love.)
The circle on the wall was a clearance .99 place mat at T. The small frame was 1.00.
That is a painting some friends from China sent us. It has some gold in it, and so does that placemat. I love that. A little gold to complement each other. That's a PB wall vase, free with my Real Simple subscription a couple of years ago.
The cost of my bedroom decor: I'm not doing the math, but, not a lot.
The cost of you all saying sweet things about my room to make my day: Priceless


Grammy Staffy said...

You are so clever...yes you are...You are definately on my Grammy Award list for next week...

Love ya,

Grammy Staffy said...

I just found your "spider and the door" post from last Tues. I had to leave a comment on it even though it is an old post. You are soooo funny. I'm cracking up. Thanks for the laugh.

Eva said...

so thrifty. i could definately use tips but alas i can't find a place for everything. you're good at that. =)

Jenn Boerger said...

I just love being inspired by your beautiful house and decor! You really do have some mad skills, girl! I've got to work on the clutter - I just don't get how to do it. You should blog about that someday - how you stay organized - I am not naturally good at it, so I admire you for it! Beatufil post, as always.

Kristen said...

Love your bargains dear! Love them!